JobStream alternative access

Hello everyone, and apologies for writing in English.
I am a PhD student in Regional Economics at Gran Sasso Science Institute in L’Aquila (Italy), doing research on wellbeing and current societal challenges.
I am interested in studying the role of non-codified workplace characteristics in attracting talent, with a particular focus on non-wage benefits used to decrease information asymmetries.
Therefore I would like to use the text of the job ads, namely the information on wages, benefits, accessibility, skills and requirements. The historical job ads and jobstream appear to be the most suited tools to perform such analysis.
HOwever, I am not familiar with python. Is there a way to access API through another language, such as R?
Any suggestion in how to exploit the immense knowledge of JobStream and Historical JobAds is highly appreciated.

Thank you!


Hello Giulia!

Our APIs and code examples might be written in Python but you can use a language that is convenient to you. I don’t have any experience with R myself but a quick search on the internet reveals lots of resources like R API Tutorial: Getting Started with APIs in R – Dataquest and Accessing REST API using R Programming - GeeksforGeeks. Perhaps they can be of use to you?

The Historical API only contains ads as far back as 2016. If you need older ads or if it is more convenient to have them as data files, we have ads as far back as 2006 at

Hello Linus,

Thanks for the reply and the suggestions. I will check the links as well as the data files, which could be easier to handle.

Thank you again,