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The latest version of JobSearch was released yesterday. We decided to write a longer explanation of what’s in than the change log since everything is more or less going on “behind the scenes”. The changes are completely focused on making JobSearch compatible with the new Taxonomy API and being able to help users find ads when the calls uses other versions of Taxonomy contents. Read more about the Taxonomy API here Jobtech Taxonomy | Jobtech
Scroll down for the longer explanation of the release content.

Changelog Application Jobsearch


  • Make taxonomy version 2 filterable and searchable
  • Make ads searchable by related taxonomy concept ids, but only show original concept id (entered by employer)

New features:

  • Using Taxonomy version 2
  • Updated the JAE synonym dictionary in accordance with Taxonomy v2 (connecting old and new concepts)
  • Switched from using deprecated SOAP API for fetching taxonomy values to open REST API

When searching, both the v1 and v2 taxonomy concepts are exploited (se below), in order to maintain/improve searchability. However, in the output, only the original concepts (entered by the employer) are shown.


When entering a concept id for an attribute in the API.

Field Compatible taxonomy version when searching Comment

employment-type|v1 and v2|If the concept id has changed from v1 to v2, the ad will be filterable on both.|
occupation-field|only v2||
|Other fields|v1 or v2|The ad will be filterable only on the original concept id (entered by the employer)|

Free text queries

When using an occupation-name (or a synonym) in a free text query, the searchability has been extended, so that the same hits should be rendered regardless of whether a v1 or a v2 label was entered (this also holds true for label changes when the concept id has not changed). Improvements have been made to the JAE synonym dictionary to support maximal searchability w.r.t. this.

Also for skills there is improved searchability making use of both v1 and v2 concepts.


The changes in the JAE synonym dictionary also affects the typeahead suggestions at the /complete endpoint.